Field Operator: Explorer Edition 4.4.0 Released

This week sees the release of P2 Field Operator: Explorer Edition 4.4.0.

Field Operator: Explorer Edition 4.4.0 includes the following:

  • The release of the iPhone Field Operator app.
  • The ability to access the prorate back (F3), and carry forward (F4) functions without using a keyboard.
  • Two downtime events in one day can now be entered into the daily completion reading, and daily equipment reading screens.
  • With the introduction of dynamic task forms, Field Operator users can now use the same forms as P2 Explorer users.
  • The iPad chart can now display data from either the currently selected entity, or the location summary.
  • The ability to run multiple versions of eVIN server instances, on the one server computer.


Please contact your administrator to obtain Release Notes for P2 Field Operator: Explorer Edition, available in the P2 Customer Portal

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