Data type

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In P2 Server, the items used to configure the system and the data returned from the system, all have a specific data type that is used. We use a specific data type, rather than just treating everything as a string, so that we can be smarter with the data. 

Data types are especially important when defining datasources and attributes. These are some of the different data types that you will encounter:

  • Boolean – has two values denoting true or false.
  • DateTime – a structure that represents the date and time in UTC.
  • Decimal – a number written in decimal notation.
  • Duration – a period of time.
  • Integer – a whole number that can be positive, negative, or zero.
  • String – a sequence of characters.
  • EncryptedString – a sequence of characters that has been encrypted.
  • Tag – a value from a time series datasource.

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