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PARAM and PARAMS are P2 Server keywords, used for passing a single parameter (PARAM), or a collection of parameters (PARAMS) to a dataset query.

The PARAM/PARAMS keywords are used in conjunction with their data type, so that P2 Server can replace this with the relevant database syntax (for example, SQL Server syntax).

Within the query, parameters are used as variables within the ‘Where’ clause, thus affecting the query results.

Here is an example of the two PARAM keyword variations, used with their datatypes, in a dataset query:

Select Sum(DowntimeHours) as SumDowntimeHours, DowntimeReason
From SampleData
Where StartDate Between PARAM(StartDate, datetime) and PARAM(EndDate, datetime)
And Entity in (PARAMS(EntitiesList, entity))
Group by DowntimeReason

The PARAM and PARAMS used in a dataset query appear as options in P2 Explorer, in the data selector under Dataset Parameters.

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