At P2 Energy Solutions, we always strive to improve our product offerings by using the latest technologies and best practices. Occasionally, we recognise a need to make changes around how the software functions, in order to take advantage of these innovations and provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

The current version of P2 Explorer (v4 and later) is significantly more advanced than its preceding version (2.6.x, also known as BabelFish), and offers features not possible within the older framework, including:

  • Significantly faster performance
  • 'Adaptive Raw' sample method for faster trending of raw data
  • Time-aware hierarchies
  • Hierarchical calculations and an easy to use calculation editor
  • Native charting
  • Native tabular datasets
  • More intuitive UI, including a new web-based administration editor to replace Enterprise Manager
  • Ability to construct interactive and responsive pages
  • An online help center with step-by-step tutorials

We are excited to offer customers the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of P2 Explorer, and are keen to offer the best in migration support to enable our customers to achieve greatness.  

We provide services and advice to assist with:

  • Migrating the Data Dictionary to P2 Server
  • Migrating Portal pages and trends to P2 Explorer

Please contact P2 Customer Support, or your Account Executive to take advantage of this unique opportunity!


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