Searching Entries

You can search the entire Explorer system for any entries made in Shift Log and Case Management. The Entries Search allows you to search the text fields in entries, and allows you to further filter your results.

Note: To search for pages, trends, and tags, use the Search function on the Home tab of the ribbon.

To start searching:

  • Type what you are searching for into the search box in the header, and then press Enter.

  • Click the Search  icon (in the search box, or in the shortcut toolbar on the left) to open a blank search page.

Overview of the Search Page

The Search page consists of 2 parts: search criteria on the left and results on the right.

Search Criteria

When searching for an entry, you can use the following criteria.

When you have finished entering (or modifying) criteria, click the Search button at the bottom of the page.

What to search for Type the text that you are searching for here. This will search across all fields that have the "Text" type. Usually, this will be things like Title and Description.

It will not search for items in drop-down lists, entities, or users. For those, you would need to use a filter.

Search Range Some predefined search ranges have been added for ease of use. Note that what is included in the search range varies depending on the type of entry.

Case/General Entry: For Cases and General entries, the results will check the Status field and will include the entry if the status is not Closed for part or all of the search range (i.e. the entry is open).
Log Entry: All Log entries have an Event Time. The search results for Log entries will check if the Event Time occurs within the specified search range.

Entry Type You can restrict the search results to show only Cases, General Entries, or Log Entries. 
Sort Results By You can sort the results by Relevance (this is the default), or by one of the fields (e.g. Created By). 

Relevance: Explorer applies its own logic to determine the most important entry, and will show them in order of decreasing relevance.
Fields: If you sort by one of the fields, it will sort from low to high (e.g. A-Z) or oldest first (if choosing a date/time).

Filter Results By You can further restrict the search results by applying one or more filters. This works in the same way as filtering logs, except that you cannot save search filters here.
Read more: Filtering Logs


Search Results

Search results are presented in two views: list view (this is the default) and grid view.

List View

List View shows the search results in a list, with the Title, Description, ID, and entry type icon.

You can open the entry in the Explore panel by clicking the title or the type icon.


Note that if the entry does not have a Title field, then the form type will be shown instead.


Grid View

Grid view shows the search results in a table format, with the following columns: Form, Type, Status, Created By, Created Date, and Description. 

You can open the entry in the Explore panel by clicking the row.


Exporting Search Results

Click the Export Results button at the top of the results section, to download a .csv file, which you can save to your computer.

Note that multi-line text fields will contain HTML markup tags.


Clearing Search Results

To reset the search page, click the Clear Filter button at the bottom of the page.


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