Sentinel Release 4.6.6

P2 Sentinel 4.6 incorporates Explorer's security framework into the core Sentinel product, allowing better integration between the two applications. It also moves the Case Management web interface into Explorer, which allows for easier management of cases via an improved web experience.

P2 Sentinel 4.6.6 introduces integration of P2 Sentinel with the latest version of P2 Shift Log, and further integrates Sentinel events with cases in Case Management.

Compatibility with P2 Explorer

P2 Sentinel 4.6.6 is compatible with P2 Explorer 4.9.3.


Consolidation of Sentinel Events with Cases

In previous versions of Case Management, Sentinel cases and Explorer cases were distinct types of cases. In the latest version, there is no distinction between Sentinel cases and Explorer cases, these are both now considered ‘General’ cases.

Cases that were created as a result of a Sentinel event will now display details of the event from within Case Management, when the entry is opened.

In the entry itself, clicking the ‘Case’ icon on the left will show you the additional properties of the case that was created for the event.


Configuration Option to Limit Processor Count

A new configuration key 'CoreLimit' has been added to P2 Sentinel that allows it to run on only a specified number of CPU cores. Previously, the Sentinel Engine would run on all available cores, which could cause contention with other processes. 



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