Filtering Logs

Users of Shift Log can apply filters to a log to further restrict what is being displayed, by clicking the Filter button in the log panel header.

This will open a dialog box containing the filtering options. Here is what you can do with the filtering options:

  • Apply a previously-saved filter, by choosing it from the drop-down list in the top right.
  • Save a new filter, by clicking the Save Filter button at the bottom left.
  • Reset the criteria back to blank, by clicking the Clear Filter button at the top. This does not affect saved filters.

You can filter on any field available in the log, even on fields that have been hidden from view. To filter on a field, first choose the field, then set the type of comparison you want to make, and then state the value that you want the filter to meet.

The filter criteria can be grouped into sections. For each Filter Group, all of the criteria within the group must be met for the filter to work (each criteria is a logical AND operation).

However, the filter groups themselves act as a logical OR operation, where any of the filter groups can be true for the filter to return a value.

Watch the following video to see how to apply filters and filter groups.

Saving a Filter

After you have defined a filter on a log, you can save that filter to use again whenever that log’s form is used in a workbook. For example, if you save a filter with the name “Environmental” for a workbook that uses a Case Entry log with an HSE form, then wherever that HSE form is used, you will see the “Environmental” filter.

You can also delete a filter by clicking the red bin icon next to the filter in the list.

Watch the following video to see how to create and delete filters.


Clearing a Filter

To reset a filter, you need to remove the criteria. There are 2 ways to do this:

Clear Filter: Click the Clear Filter button to reset the filter dialog to a blank state. You can then create a new filter.

Clear and Close: Click the Clear & Close button to reset the filter and close the dialog. The log table will be reloaded without any filter applied.


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